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Welcome to Target Hand Shooters. In our online shop you will find a wide range of weapons and accessories for hunting, sports, security and outdoor with large calibre and small-calibre handguns and long guns as well as an abundance of equipment for your weapons. Buy easily online!

The weapon shop is accompanied with experts who offer their advice and comprehensive service. In addition by buying online, reliability, trust, convenient ordering, a simple purchase process and the security of the customer data are important to us when buying online. Our large product warehouse ensures excellent delivery capability and fast delivery time, as most of the products are constantly in stock or quickly ordered again.

An abundance of used weapons, ammunition, hunting equipment and the necessary accessories are on offer too. In addition, fans of hunting, shooting, as well as security and outdoor will find a comprehensive range of accessories

The online shop focuses on hunting, sports, security and outdoor activities. Hunters and sportsmen can order and buy in the online shop in addition to new hunting weapons or long and short weapons for sport. 

In the weapons area you can look forward to a wide assortment of single action revolvers like the popular BFR revolvers, an interesting selection of the Desert Eagle pistols, famous trough movies and television, as well as the new innovative 1911 pistols also from Magnum Research. Furthermore, our selection includes historical western revolver and black powder weapons and guns of the Italian manufacturer Pietta, the well-known and reworked lever-action rifles from Rossi / Taurus, hunting rifles from Kimber and repeating rifles and former service rifles in various calibres. Furthermore, the used guns section in our shop provides a comprehensive and attractive selection.

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