Sig Sauer P365 XL Pistol 9mm Luger 3.7″ Barrel X-Ray


Sig Sauer P365 XL Pistol 9mm Luger 3.7 in Black Pistol 12 Rounds – The P365 redefined what a concealed-carry pistol should be,



About Sig Sauer P365 XL Pistol 9mm Luger 3.7


The Sig Sauer P365 XL Pistol 9mm Luger 3.7 is redefining what a concealed-carry handgun should be, just like the Sig P365 redefined it. 

The P365 XL offers 12 + 1 or 15 + 1 capacity in a micro-compact, a highly concealable form factor that maintains the feel. Also, the functionality of a full-size pistol while balancing micro-compact concealability with full-size shoot ability.

The new Sig Sauer p365 price is a 9mm Luger 3.7″ barrel micro-compact pistol with an extended slide and 365 XSeries grip module. 

Does Sig Sauer P365 XL Have Safety?


The Sig Sauer P365 XL is a 9mm Luger pistol with a 3.7″ barrel and an XSeries grip module. The gun also has manual Safety.

Is The Sig P365 XL Worth it?


If you can only afford or see the benefit of training with only one handgun, the Sig P365XL should be it! It is big enough (especially with the 15-round magazines) to be a range/duty pistol, and it is small enough (and so much better than the competition on ergonomics, capacity, etc.) to be the best CCW pistol. 

What Are The New Features of The Ruger 365 xSeries?


A lengthened 3.7″ slide and barrel increase the sight radius, while the redesigned 365 XSeries grip module offers a more comfortable grip and an integrated magazine well.

These characteristics, coupled with the distinctive XSeries flat trigger, are included as standard equipment and a pre-installed, operational ROMEOZERO 3 MOA optic.

  • SIG Item Number: 365XL-9-BXR3
  • Semi Automatic Handgun
  • Striker Fired
  • 9mm Luger
  • 3.7″ Barrel
  • 12 Rounds
  • XRay3 Day/Night Sites
  • 5.5″ Sight Radius
  • Accessory Rail
  • X-Series Flat Profile Trigger with 90-Degree Break
  • Optics Ready Slide Compatible with ROMEO1PRO and Deltapoint PRO
  • XSeries Polymer Grip Module with Stainless Steel Frame
  • Black Finish
  • Overall Length: 7″
  • Weight: 25.3 oz




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