Kimber R7 MAKO


Kimber R7 MAKO  

The Kimber R7 MAKO is a semi-automatic pistol designed and manufactured by Kimber Manufacturing. The R7 MAKO is a striker-fired pistol that uses a double-action-only trigger. The gun is chambered in 9mm and has a capacity of 17 rounds. The R7 MAKO has a 4-inch barrel and an overall length of 7.5 inches. The pistol weighs 25 ounces and has a black finish.  

The R7 MAKO was introduced in 2013 and is intended for self-defense and law enforcement use. The pistol is available in two models: the Standard and the Tactical. The Standard model has a suggested retail price of $949, while the Tactical model has a suggested retail price of $1,649.

Kimber R7

Kimber R7 is a semi-automatic pistol made by Kimber Manufacturing. The R7 was introduced in 2013. It is a recoil-operated, locked breech pistol that uses a Browning-type action. It is chambered for the 9mm Parabellum and .40 S&W calibers. The R7 has a 4-inch barrel and a capacity of 7+1 rounds 9mm and 6+1 rounds .40 S&W. It is available with or without a manual safety.  

So, the R7 is a compact and lightweight pistol that is well-suited for concealed carry. It has a smooth trigger pull and a good sight picture. The gun is accurate and reliable. It is easy to field strip and maintain. The R7 is a good choice for a self-defense pistol. Buy Kimber Micro 9 For Sale.

R7 MAKO Specifications

  • Caliber: MAKO R7 O.R. 9mm, MAKO R7 O.I. 9MM
  • Manufactures Item Number: 3800004, 3800005
  • Manufactures UPC Number: 669278380049, 669278380056
  • Height: 4.3 inches
  • Weight: 38 Oz
  • Length: 6.2 inches
  • Magazine Capacity: 11+1 Flush, 13+1 Extended
  • Recoil Spring: Captured Assembly
  • Frame: Glass-filled nylon grip frame and stainless steel central block
  • Slide: Stainless with FNC finish
  • Barrel: 3.37 inch Stainless with a 1:10LH twist
  • Sights: TruGlo Tritium Pro Night Sights. O.R.-Orange front ring/white rear dots, O.I.-orange front ring/white rear dots and Crimson Trace CTS-1500 optic.
  • Trigger: 5.0 – 6.75 pound



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