Kimber Micro 9 Stainless Semi-Automatic Pistol 9mm


The Kimber Micro 9 Stainless Semi-Automatic Pistol is a great choice for self-defence. It is a 9mm Luger with a 3.15″ barrel and a 7-round capacity.

The Kimber Micro 9 Stainless with a 7-round magazine (6-round magazines are available separately). The model I received, however, had a flush-fitting six-round magazine. The magazine release button is large enough for easy operation and is gridded for optimal control.

Unlike Colt, who never made a 9mm version of 1911, Kimber offers us a new way to use a 1911 concealed carry with their Micro 9 series. Based on their 2014 Micro 380, the Micro 9 series de Kimber follows a fashion similar to the 1911 style, making it one of their most popular and sought-after products.

Why are the Kimber Micro 9 spitting shell casings in my face?

You may have heard that the Kimber Micro 9 likes to spit cases right in your face. It is often a sign of excessive recoil coming back into the gun, and this is terrible news because it can wear down the slide rails. This gross malfunction could explain the Kimber Micro 9’s slippage problems on newer models.

Kimber Micro 9 stainless 9mm pistol is a unique design engineering and manufacturing facility in Troy. Once a small manufacturing company founded in Yonkers, NY, Kimber has increased over the last 21 years with locations in the New York metropolitan area and Montana.

How reliable are members?

There are many good 1911 models, and the one built by Kimber is among the best. Key Point: Colt became famous for the powerful and reliable 1911 pistol.

That gun has been around for over 100 years, and new companies, like Kimber, are now making their versions.

Does the Kimber micro 9 stainless rosewood have security?

The Kimber Micro 9 does not incorporate grip safety but has manual thumb safety. Unlike a typical 1911, it can be activated when the hammer is cocked or uncocked. Who can also ride the slide on a bike with the lock on?

Is the Kimber Micro 9 stainless a 1911 government?

But we are focusing on the stainless Kimber Micro 9, a regular and well-balanced classic among the many models.

The stainless steel Micro 9 features the main essence of a Government 1911 with a standard single-action trigger, classic slide stop, mag release, and comfortable rosewood grips.


Finish Stainless Steel
Action Semi-Automatic
Barrel Length3″
Hand Right
Round Capacity6
Gun Weight15.5 oz.


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