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The GLOCK 43x for sale is a 9x19mm subcompact slimline pistol. The black slide has a PDLC finish, and the frame incorporates elements from the Gen5,

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With a GLOCK 43x for sale, the G43X MOS features slide cutouts designed for specific micro-optics and the slimline GLOCK mounting rail for mounting accessories. The perfect tactical companion in the standard 43x extended mag Slimline design for comfortable concealment.

So if you like the GLOCK 43x rifle for sale, you can trade it for your Glock 43x extended magazine and vice versa. Its silver-finished slide is stainless steel with an nPVD finish, meets Glock standards, and is perfectly machined.

Being a Glock, it has the expected accuracy and reliability. Plus, it’s the best compromise found in the Glock range for concealed carry with adequate capacity for 9mm rounds. 

The G43X is a slim, sub-compact 9x19mm pistol. The black slider has a PDLC finish, and the frame incorporates elements from the Gen5 and Slimline series.

How much does a Glock 43x cost?

Price: $699.00. Designed for comfort, the Glock 43X for sale at Omaha Outdoors offers impeccable performance as a concealed carry pistol. 

With a near full-size grip length, short shooting distance, built-in beavertail, and reversible magazine, the Glock 43X 9mm pack the best of Glock 48 extended magazines into a slim, profoundly concealable design.

Is it worth buying Glock 43x scopes?

The Glock 43X brings Glock into a more modern concealed carry market. It is accessible to fire and move and makes for a powerful defensive weapon. 

These GLOCK 43x share the same model number but with that notable ‘X’ difference. That ‘X’ means the G43X is more significant than the 43 because it has that extended grip. 

While the G43 is 4.25 inches tall, the G43X is 5.04 inches taller. It explains more capacity and a more extended grip.

Is the Glock 43X easy to conceal?

Glock pistols are usually very simple, and the g43x extended mag is no different. It’s a spartan pistol with no frills or pomp. 

It’s a simple-to-carry IWB weapon and disappears under a T-shirt. The large handle ensures easy and safe drawing.

The Glock 43x price might be a better option if the price is a concern. It just depends on what you’re looking for in a gun.


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