GLOCK 30s For Sale


The higher the Gen the more expensive. GLOCK 30s For Sale are a popular choice for shooters and law enforcement professionals because of their reliability and easy to use design.


GLOCK 30s For Sale


GLOCK 30s For Sale is a popular choice for shooters and law enforcement professionals because of its reliability and easy-to-use design.

This pistol is chambered for 9mm ammunition and has several features that make it a favorite among shooters. The Glock 30s For Sale come in various colors and styles to find the perfect one for your needs.

Glock 30s Specifications


The Glock 30 is a .45 ACP automatic pistol. It measures 6.93 inches from end to end and is 4.8 inches tall. The barrel is 1.27 inches wide and stretches 5.91 inches between the sights; it contributes 1.26 inches to the Glock 30’s height.

The barrel has a right-hand, octagonal twist that’s 15.75 inches. Unloaded, a Glock 30 weighs 26.48 ounces. Fully loaded, it is 33.86 ounces.

The trigger travels .49 inches to fire and requires about 5.5 pounds of pressure. The standard magazine capacity is ten but can be extended to 13. 

Glock 30s History


When you buy a Glock 30, you also buy more than 50 years of service after it. The company was established by Austrian engineer Gaston Glock in 1963.

The company initially produced steel and plastic parts, and Glock didn’t design his first firearm until after his 50th birthday.

But what Glock lacked in ballistics experience, he made up for with his expertise in synthetic polymers, helping create the world’s first successful line of pistols with nonmetal, polymer frames.

The company extended its first U.S. subsidiary in 1985, despite initial resistance to its “plastic guns.”

The Glock 30 contributes to this legacy, helping substantiate the company’s claim as the most popular line of pistols for law enforcement agencies in America.



Gen3, Gen4, Gen5


10 Rounds, 15 Rounds, 17 Rounds


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