FN SCAR For Sale


The FN SCAR for sale features a free-floating, cold hammer-forged MIL-SPEC barrel with a hard-chromed bore. It is chambered in FN SCAR 17 7.62×51 black.

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FN SCAR For Sale

The FN SCAR For Sale is a gas-operated self-loading rifle with a rotating bolt. It is constructed as modular as possible, with the entire upper receiver and barrel assembly quickly changeable.

The U.S. military has adopted the FN SCAR as the M4A1 Carbine. The FN SCAR for sale is the civilian version of the FN SCAR rifle. It is chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO and has a 16-inch barrel. The FN SCAR for purchase also comes with a 30-round magazine.

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The Fn Scar Price is a gas-operated, magazine-fed, select-fire assault rifle manufactured by F.N. Herstal in Belgium. The SCAR was developed from the FN F2000 in response to the United States Special Operations Command’s (SOCOM) request for a specialized assault rifle.

The SCAR is available in three different calibers: 5.56×45mm NATO, 6.8mm Remington SPC, and 7.62×51mm NATO. It has a modular design with interchangeable barrels, stocks, and other accessories.

The 5.56mm and 7.62mm variants are available with either a short 10-inch barrel or a long 20-inch barrel.

The 6.8mm variant is only available with a 16-inch barrel. The SCAR has a Picatinny rail on the top and bottom of the receiver for attaching optics and other accessories.

It also has a folding front and rear sight. The SCAR is available in two versions: the standard SCAR-L and the SCAR-H. The SCAR-L is chambered for the 5.56mm NATO cartridge, and the SCAR-H is chambered for the 7.62mm NATO cartridge.

What is the FN SCAR 17?

The FN SCAR 17 for sale online is designed for exceptional long-range accuracy, much like the U.S. Special Operations Service SCAR 17 rifle it replicates.

What is the FN SCAR 17s?

The FN SCAR® 17S, chambered in the 7.62 x 51mm NATO cartridge, is the civilian (heavy) semi-automatic version of the F.N. MK NATO combat rifle. This semi-automatic rifle offers superior long-range accuracy, terminal power, versatility, and reliability.

What kind of weapon is the FN SCAR?

The FN SCAR 17 for sale is the exclusive semi-auto version of the newest service rifle for U.S. Special Operators. Also lightweight, quick handling, and fast firing, the Scar Fn is chambered in 5.56×45 mm NATO (223 Rem.).

Where can I buy assault rifles for sale?

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