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[title style=”bold-center” text=”Necessary Gear”]

Having the correct gear is essential when using a firearm. Here are a few pieces of gear and accessories that we recommend when purchasing your Hand pistol:

  • Eye Protection: Eye protection is a must for target shooting and training. You need comfortable, durable eye protection with high safety ratings and a semi wrap-around feature to protect the sides of your eyes as well as the front.
  • Ear Protection: You should always wear ear protection while shooting. This is another must. You can choose between custom-molded ear protection, basic ear plugs or ear muffs.
  • Gun Case: Cases help protect your firearm as you transport them. They come with either hard or soft sides, in various styles and price ranges. Your new Hand Pistol will come in a hard-sided gun case, but you may want to consider a soft-sided case or a case designed to hold multiple firearms and other range accessories.
  • Storage: There are lots of options to store your firearm at home or work, including gun cases, combination safes, bio-metric safes, lock boxes, and more. Safely storing your firearm is a very important part of being a responsible gun owner.
  • Ammunition: You will need to have the necessary ammunition for practicing at the range or for self defense.

You can find many of these items, as well as a host of other accessories, in the Fire Arms Store.


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