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The Dragunov sniper rifle (SVD-63), officially Buy SVD Guns, “Sniper Rifle, device of Dragunov, version of the 12 months 1963”) (GRAU index 6V1 (ГРАУ Индекс 6В1)) is a semi-automatic specific marksman rifle chambered in 7.sixty two×54mmR and advanced within the Soviet Union. 

The Dragunov was designed as a squad support weapon considering, in keeping with Soviet and Soviet-derived military doctrines, Buy SVD Guns, lengthy-range engagement capacity was misplaced to normal troops while submachine guns and attack rifles (that are optimized for near-variety and medium-range, fast-fireplace fight) were followed. 

It changed into evolved in 1957–1963 and decided on because the winner of a competition that covered 3 competing businesses of designers, led by Sergei Simonov, Aleksandr Konstantinov and Yevgeny Dragunov. Full-size area checking out of the rifles carried out in a wide range of environmental situations resulted in Dragunov’s inspiration being established into provider in July 1963. An initial pre-production batch inclusive of 2 hundred rifles became assembled for evaluation purposes, and from 1964 serial production was accomplished through Izhmash, later known as Kalashnikov subject. 

Nowadays, Russia’s elite safety offerings and military snipers select Western sniper rifles while the Russian hands industry catches up. 

But how did the Dragunov fall in the back of? Does it have a future in carrier?

Buy SVD Guns, The sniper rifle all through most of the bloodless struggle was a ignored weapon, with development being pushed by means of struggle. For the West, most people of sniper rifles in the Sixties had been WWII antique, being scoped variants of the M1 Garand, M1903 Springfield, or different world conflict-generation bolt movement rifles.

A few innovations happened at the fringes. The Swiss evolved the ZfK-fifty five inside the Nineteen Fifties, likely the fine sniper rifle of the early cold conflict with its directly pull bolt and accurate movement.

Inside the past due Fifties, the Soviets had been still the use of the scoped editions of the M1891/30 Mosin rifle. Their short and medium-variety infantry fingers were already updated with AK and SKS rifles. Handiest a new lengthy-variety individual weapon was needed.

The Soviet army had experimented with semi-computerized sniper rifles with scoped editions of the SVT-40 in the course of WWII, but those had been discovered to have too much dispersion. Now they were geared up to attempt again.


The SVD uses a particularly changed version of the Kalashnikov device. Against the AK-forty seven the SVD has a brief stroke gasoline piston and is semi-automatic only. Buy SVD Guns, The SVD is easy to supply and one of the cheaper army semi-automatic sniper rifles. Before everything the SVD become geared up with wooden hand guards and stocks, but for the reason that ninety’s polymer is also to be had. The SVD is generally equipped with the 4×24 PSO-1 scopes, but also can be fitted with the NSPU-3 night time sight. The PSO-1 4×24 scope could be very powerful, mainly the reticule which allows the sniper to correctly estimate the variety. The magnification is fixed. A rubber eyepiece offers the ideal eye remedy. Returned-up iron points of interest are outfitted as popular. Because the eighty’s a bipod is available for the SVD, however maximum aren’t fitted with a bipod.


The SVD fires the 7.62x54mm Russian spherical from a 10 round detachable mag. commonly sniper grade ammunition is used, but regular machine gun ammunition may be used as properly. Accuracy averages approximately 2 MOA, depending at the satisfactory of the gun and ammunition. The powerful range of the SVD lies between six hundred and 800 meters. goals can be engaged up to a thousand meters, but might also require repetitive fire. The PSO-1 4x scope isn’t best for firing at ranges of over six hundred meters. Buy SVD Guns


The SVD is extensively issued amongst Soviet and eastern eu troops. It remains in active use these days. For genuine sniping purposes the SVD has often been replaced with higher satisfactory rifles. Buy SVD Guns, The SVD has been widely exported and produced with or without license in many nations. It stays one of the most widely used forms of sniper rifle in military provider today.


The number one venture of this rifle is to increase the effective fire range of the Russian infantry squad up to 600 meters and provide hearth support. First asked in 1958, it becomes installed manufacturing and everyday as a preferred sniper rifle within the U.S. navy by using 1963.

Each infantry squad in the Russian Federation has one marksman carrying an SVD.

The Dragunov were said to be a completely excellent firearm through its operators, and it nonetheless is still in service around all of the former nations of eastern Bloc.

Buy SVD Guns, Its manufacturing has been undertaken in Bulgaria, the human being’s Republic of China, Egypt, Hungary, and Poland. Maximum of the optical attractions had been made inside the Soviet Union and East Germany, and each the rifle and its optics were cloned in China as the sort seventy nine. Markings normally decide the United States of America of foundation. Since the SVD is more highly-priced to fabricate than the ever-present Kalashnikov, just a few international locations have been capable of produce the rifle themselves.

It has continually been seen as an vital a part of Russian infantry gadget – a culture in the Soviet navy dating lower back to the early Nineteen Thirties.

SVD for sale:

SVD is a dependable fuel-operated sniper rifle designed to engage unique types of objectives inside the variety of 1200m using the entire listing of 7.62x54mm ammunition (including AP Incendiary, AP, tracer bullets and many others).

The rifle is straightforward to apply, maintain and restore, which may be essential for normal troops. Buy SVD Guns, Marksmen can adjust and equip the sniper rifle with diverse sighting systems (both day/night) depending on the obligations and combat surroundings. Modern-day theatre of motion promotes the demand for this kind of small palms.

This version of the SVD has a shortened barrel and folding butt stock for airborne and established troops. The remaining “S” is for “Skladnoy” (Folding).

Trendy telescope sight is the 4X fixed magnification PSO-1 with range-finding reticle. SVD rifles are also issued with sporting sling, cleaning kit and other accessories. A widespread AK-type bayonet may be set up on the barrel.

SVD has been battle examined all over the global which makes it undoubtedly reliable and efficient.

Specification: Buy SVD Guns

Caliber: 7.62mm

Ammunition: 7.62х54mm

Empty weight (with optics): 4.3 kg

Sighting range with optics 1300 m

W/o optics: 1200 m

Magazine: 10 rounds

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