10 Signs You’re Dating A Social Networking Addict

Did you know over 30% of Brits confess to checking their unique smart device during intercourse?! nuts, correct?

Years ago, I dated men a guy that would instantly jump out of bed after intercourse to check on his email. During the time I thought their behavior had been fanatical, anti-social and very un-sexy. But considering the statistic above, it now may seem like tiny peanuts in comparison. Given that social media is actually every-where and incorporated into virtually every part of our everyday lives, there there are a lot more ways to alienate the individuals you’re dating.

Here’s 12 obvious indicators that you are matchmaking a social networking addict:

1. When they text you to definitely generate strategies, their own emails consist of hashtags:

“Just What Are you around tonight? #FridayNight #DateNight #ILikeYou #WatchingGameOfThrones

2. You may have this preceding discussion during meal:

All of them: “just how was actually your entire day at your workplace?”

You: “not as great, i am sure i’ll get fired.”

Them: “HAHA, oh my god, that’s entertaining!!”

You: “excuse-me?”

Them: “Oh sorry, I found myself just chuckling during that video @MonsterMan999 submitted on Twitter of a number of Muppets twerking. Just what happened to be you claiming?”

3. They inform you, “I think we need to talk. I have observed there is a constant “like” the circumstances I post on Twitter or Instagram.”

4. You’re using your own sexiest intimate apparel (or boxer shorts, or exactly what maybe you’ve) and they’re standing close to you reading other’s Twitter statuses aloud:

“Oh my personal god, did you see Barry’s position enhance about ingesting cheesecake as you’re watching splitting negative? HILARIOUS!”

5. For the reason that anyone you are dating has to inspect their own fb, Twitter, texting and Instagram instantly before, after and sometimes even during sex. It really is reached the stage where the other day you caught all of them checking their email with a condom however on. Once you face all of them, they respond:

“Sorry, it’s just that Casey and I also are discussing concepts about quite minimal Liars. You understand appropriate?”

6. They get actually pissed off you wont allow them to list the bed room as a check-in point on Foursquare….or even worse, your pussy.

7. The program “Sister Wives” actually starts to seem surprisingly relatable as it feels like you are in a polyamorous relationship with the person you’re internet dating, their unique new iphone, their particular MacBook and their two iPads.

8. During a heart to heart talk, the individual you are internet dating claims for you: “I’m having actual concerns about the union. My Klout score has gone to crap since we began going out.”

9. Your times begin to advise you of this world from Portlandia in which Fred will get caught in a “technology loop.”

(“I just should send yet another text!”)

10. You take into account presenting an intervention, but it’s too-late – they have submitted a break-up  video to Vine. There’s no necessity Vine, but thank goodness it was cc’ed to Twitter and Facebook.





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